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Dealing with mental health and addiction can be extremely difficult and painful. We understand that not everyone is the same and that a comprehensive diagnosis and flexible treatment plan are important to successful recovery.

Counselling helps people to cope with their problems. Counsellors can help you by listening to you talk about your feelings and helping you work out what it is that makes your depression worse. With counselling, it’s possible to find solutions and coping mechanisms for dealing with your problems in a better way – or at least in a different way that feels better than before.

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Anxiety Related Disorders

Elevated levels of anxiety, resultant somatic symptoms and panic attacks

Mood Disturbances

Lower moods than normal, Dysthymia, Depression and Bipolar Disorders.

IVF Support

Professional IVF counseling to support your journey to parenthood

Sex Therapy

Rediscover intimacy: Explore Mindwise's sex therapy for healthier relationships and sexual wellness.

Mental Health Conditions

Dive deep into mental health conditions, and discover effective treatments and proactive wellness strategies

Training & Workshop

Trainings and workshops for clinics and health professionals, corporates and general audiences

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Frequently Asked Questions

In Singapore, the general range of private counselling sessions ranges from S$150 – S$440 per session depending on the duration and complexity of the issue. It is a broad term that encompasses psychotherapy, psychopharmacology, and cognitive behavioral therapy sessions.

Therapy in a formal sense is the process of applying psychologist’s theories and therapeutic methods with the goal of reducing or eliminating emotional distress, preventing behavioral problems, and resolving mental health issues. Counseling is sometimes categorized as “counseling” or “therapeutic counseling”, but within psychology all professional forms of counseling are considered to be psychotherapy.

The meaning has little to do with what practitioner does (psychology vs psychiatry) but how much training they have received about diagnosis and treatment options. Which form of therapy an individual needs for their given cognitive problem often depends on their symptoms – some psychologists will only provide one specific type, others work through several different techniques which may depend on philosophy they adhere to.

Counselling in Singapore is regulated by both professional and statutory bodies. Professional bodies such as the Association for Counsellors (Singapore) regulate whether or not a counsellor is qualified to provide counselling services. The Council of Social Service Professions regulates the minimum qualifications and training required for counsellors providing services in various sectors.

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I've learned to cope with my anxiety in a much healthier way. I never felt rushed during counselling with Faith, and I feel that she is genuinely concerned about my well being
Lee S.T
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In other sessions with a previous psychologist, I stopped because I felt judged. In our session, Faith has been patient, and I'm able to share more because I feel comfortable
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After suffering from two miscarriages. I felt depressed and suicidal at times. It was a painful journey, but i have since learnt that although grief will be present, I can learn to accept myself as a person, and more importantly, a complete woman.

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