Faith Hogan

Counsellor and Sex Therapist

BSc (Psych), MCouns, MScMED (Sexual and reproductive health)

Faith has more than 2 decades working with people: First nursing patients with physical ailments, and subsequently seeing clients who undertake counselling and psychotherapy. Her desire to support deeper healing for people led her to transition from physical, to psychological treatment. 

She has worked in both managerial and therapeutic roles within psychiatric care. Since then, she has amassed experiences with private hospitals, clinics, private corporations, voluntary welfare organizations and with clients who need support for emotional upheavals and various psychological disorders. She only uses psychological techniques that have been researched and tested extensively.

Currently, Faith works with adults to provide empathetic, non judgemental and caring therapy, and has been passionately supporting clients mental health since 2011.  She believes that clients have an innate wisdom that will ultimately allow them to work through their life difficulties, and assists to facilitate this process. Her three main areas of focus include mental health, sex therapy, and subfertility support for clients. She has had opportunities in assisting to develop the fertility counselling process in some of the top private hospitals in Singapore and Southeast Asia, such as Mount Elizabeth Orchard Hospital and Gleneagles Hospital.

Faith is a member of the Singapore Association of Counselling, which has stringent guidelines membership. This ensures that she has undergone hundreds of hours of training and supervision, and will continue to do so in addition to upgrading of knowledge and skills i

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I've learned to cope with my anxiety in a much healthier way. I never felt rushed during counselling with Faith, and I feel that she is genuinely concerned about my well being.


In other sessions with a previous psychologist, I stopped because I felt judged. In our session, Faith has been patient, and I'm able to share more because I feel comfortable.

Lee S.T

After suffering from two miscarriages. I felt depressed and suicidal at times. It was a painful journey, but i have since learnt that although grief will be present, I can learn to accept myself as a person, and more importantly, a complete woman.