How to Prepare for Sex Therapy: Tips and Advice for Patients

For those who face intimate issues such as lack of desire, incapability to perform sexually, prior sexual trauma, or uncertainty over their sexuality, sex therapy can be beneficial. Nonetheless, it might feel unnerving and scary for some individuals to disclose these vulnerable matters with a specialist. Despite this, sex counselling furnishes an intimate, secluded, and unbiased situation where individuals can freely express their worries and get expert guidance to enhance their sexual health. To help you get ready for sex therapy, we’ve compiled some advice and suggestions for how to be ready for the session.

Finding the Right Therapist

It is important to find a certified therapist who has a background in sex therapy and specializes in managing your unique sexual difficulty to ensure a successful outcome. You can get referrals from your general practitioner, medical doctors, psychologist or a physiotherapist. Before you start your first session, ask the specialist about their qualifications, the therapy plan, and any concerns or expectations you have about the process.

Be Open And Honest

It is essential to be truthful and candid with your therapist when discussing matters around sexual issues, as these can be delicate. Even though you may experience trepidation during conversations about certain matters or activities, remember that the therapist’s job is to help you overcome any fears or concerns you may have about certain topics or activities during your conversations. It’s not their job to judge you. Try to approach each session with a positive attitude and be ready to share your thoughts and feelings. The more you communicate, the better and more personalized your therapy experience will be.

Set Realistic Goals

Improving your sexual health through sex therapy requires commitment and hard work. It is not a quick fix or a magical solution, and progress may take multiple sessions to become noticeable. To ensure success, it is important to work with your therapist to set achievable goals that are specific, measurable, and realistic. These goals can address both your mental and physical well-being, such as improving communication, reducing anxiety, or improving sexual function.

Follow Through with Homework

Your sex therapist may assign homework such as activities or topics of discussion to help you apply what you’ve learned. It’s important to take these tasks seriously and consistently complete them. Continuing the work outside of therapy sessions can help maintain progress and lead to more significant changes. It’s crucial to communicate any difficulties or progress with your therapist while doing the assigned tasks.

Understand and Communicate Your Needs and Goals

When going for sexual therapy, it’s important to think about what you want to achieve and what you consider to be a healthy intimate relationship. Be clear and upfront with your therapist about your requirements and goals to establish a positive therapeutic relationship. This will help your therapist to focus on meeting your specific needs during the session. Before first therapy session, make sure to take the time to answer any questions or surveys your therapist may provide. These will help them better understand your sexual history and identify any important issues to address.

Approach it with a Positive Attitude

It is natural to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed when discussing sensitive topics with an unfamiliar face, especially during sex therapy. However, it is important to remember that therapy sessions are confidential and therapists are professionally trained to handle intimate issues. Approaching the sessions with a positive and open-minded attitude helps create a welcoming environment for addressing sensitive matters.

Keep an Open Mind

To get the most out of sex therapy, it is crucial to have an open mind and avoid being critical. The therapist may recommend things that challenge your values or beliefs about sex, so being receptive and trying new things, even if they seem unfamiliar at first, is essential for effective therapy. Remember, the goal of therapy is to improve your overall sexual experience and satisfaction.

Take Time to Relax Before Your Sessions

Take some moments to calm down prior to your sex therapy appointments to reduce stress and worry. Think about engaging in activities that help you to de-stress, like physical activity, meditation, or deep breathing techniques.

Be Patient with the Process

It’s important to know that sex therapy is not a quick fix and requires both persistence and consistency to achieve desired results. It may take several sessions or more before any improvements are noticeable. Therefore, it’s crucial to approach the sessions with a non-judgmental and welcoming attitude, while keeping achievable goals in mind.


To ensure a successful and beneficial experience that promotes improved physical and mental well-being, individuals must put in effort and search for a reliable therapist carefully, be as open and honest as possible, consider realistic goals and try to complete assigned tasks by the therapist. Remember- Your therapist will never force you to do anything you are uncomfortable with, and it’s best to communicate any obstacles or discomfort you might have.

At Mindwise, we offer sex therapy where you can openly discuss your concerns with our professional therapists. Our sessions provide a safe and private environment where you won’t feel ashamed or judged. We’re here to guide you towards better sexual satisfaction and health. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our sex therapy process, please do not hesitate to contact us at 6527 0526, or email us at All communications are strictly confidential.

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