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Infertility Counselling Singapore
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A fertility and infertility counsellor, is someone who has been specifically trained to work with the complex consequences of fertility issues and infertility treatment. Fertility, infertility or IVF counselling services, helps couples and individuals in Singapore deal with many of the emotional, physical and psychosocial difficulties that they may experience throughout their journey.

Involuntary childlessness, infertility and third party assisted conception are capable of exacting a negative psychosocial impact on your life, both in the short and long term. If you are realizing that the stress of your infertility journey is interfering with your daily life, then it’s an indication that you might need additional support with an infertility counselling and therapy treatment.

Infertility can affect people in all kinds of relationships- married or unmarried, heterosexual or LGBT relationships , etc. It can be a single person experiencing the pain of infertility, or a couple struggling with conceiving.

Infertility counselling and therapy treatment is not restricted to couples undergoing fertility treatment; it will cover all situations where people are seeking help with their feelings about being unable to have children naturally. A infertility counsellor should ideally have experience in working with couples in Singapore on various aspects of infertility, as well as general relationship issues. The emotional impact of infertility is so intense that certain individuals may require individual therapy treatment to help them deal with the many emotions they feel when facing this situation. Very often, infertility or subfertility challenges your identity of yourself, and you might also fear that others would look at you differently.

An experienced infertility counsellor  in Singapore will help you work through your feelings as well as look at strategies for dealing with the stressors and challenges of infertility. By doing this you gain a greater understanding of yourself, thereby increasing your ability to cope with life in general.

An infertility counselling and pre-IVF counselling in Singapore teaches skills that will not only help you cope at this time but also be useful for the rest of your life.

What Causes Infertility & Reproductive Issue

Infertility can be caused by physical problems of the reproductive organs or it might result from hormonal imbalances in the body that prevent ovulation (in women) or sperm production (in men). Other causes may include sexual dysfunction. For some individuals patients, they might suffer from subfertility due to unexplained causes. Infertility may also be caused by an underlying disease that is not itself considered a reproductive dysfunction.

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Possible Reasons For Female infertility

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When To Get Help & Treatment?

Those who are dealing with fertility issues and undergoing assisted conception treatment (or IVF treatment) in Singapore will face a range of difficult emotions, from anxiety and depression to anger and guilt. In time, these feelings may subside, but the initial high level of stress is likely to remain even after attaining success with fertility and IVF treatment. To achieve this calmness after an emotional rollercoaster ride takes time. Allow yourself that time.

If you have been trying to get pregnant for a year with no success, and one or both partners is experiencing significant stress because of this situation, they may need professional help and counselling services. Couples have often been known to separate because of infertility issues which may strain their relationship beyond repair. If either partner ends up experiencing depression over time due to failed attempts at conceiving a child, then it is time to seek psychological help. Infertility as well as fertility counselling sessions can improve communication between the couple- subsequently improving connection and minimizing further strain between the couple.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Singapore, only married couples are allowed to undergo IVF. Starting in 2020, women will no longer be limited to the age of 45 if they want a child through IVF treatment. Patients in Singapore will need certification from their doctor that there are no risks for them carrying it out full term though before proceeding with the IVF treatment.

Infertility counsellors will work with couples to explore the issues that they faces. Couples attending infertility counselling session are able to better understand themselves, improve the communication with one another and  learn how to cope with the stress that they have in their fertility journey in Singapore.

In Singapore, the cost of fertility testing ranges from S$300 to S$1,500 (before subsidies) in Government hospitals. Private hospitals may charge a different rate. Types of testing may include Pelvic Ultrasound, Semen Analysis, Blood Test, Pap Smear, Hormones Test, etc. Patients undergoing IVF can find out more on IVF cost and IVF grant in Singapore over here: IVF Subsidy Singapore 2021

In Singapore couple counselling, fertility/infertility or IVF counselling sessions can cost anything from $30 to more than $400 per session depending on the type of counselling required, and where you would want to seek help from. At Mindwise, we offers online counselling and support for family and couples in Singapore. For more information, contact us at +65 6527 0526 or email to enquiry@mindwise.sg